"Sessions with Eve are very valuable! She goes above and beyond every single minute that she spends with

her clients. I particularly appreciate her individualistic approach and unbelievable empathy. I would highly

recommend Eva’s therapy, as it proves very effective, even after a short period of time.”

Margaret (Smile With Eve Client)

“I have advised a great many of my clients to simply visit Eve to help them reground & centre their lives.

All have returned to me with a smile of satisfaction”

Joanna Prior (Integrative Psychotherapist)

Select Healthy Mind Ltd

"Each session with Eve is very productive and effective, especially when it comes to my fears and traumas.

I always look forward to the session and I am very grateful to Eve for her hard work, total focus on me

during the session and the peace I experience thanks to her. I recommend Eve with all my heart."

Anna (Smile With Eve Client)

"After a few sessions I could clearly see which direction to take and how to cope with my life.

Eve was so patient and skillful.

Her big heart and deep empathy truly moved me. Best invested money ever."

Jennifer (Smile With Eve Client)

"Eve is very compassionate, empathetic, and skilful practitioner. I am grateful to have known her.

Eve has brought me out of the pain

I highly recommend Eve if you are looking for any mental health expert"

Nizam (Smile With Eve Client)

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Hi my name is Eve, I am a fully qualified EFT & PTT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique & Picture Tapping Therapist) and Certified Depression Counsellor based in Bracknell, Berkshire in the U.K.

I work with children and young people, as well as adults.

I have worked with so many wonderful people, I love seeing them shift and change after just one session. Based in Bracknell, my reach also extends into education and the corporate business sector and English/Polish speaking people throughout the UK and Europe.

About Me

Real Change Can Happen

 I get great results & have treated adults & young people with a variety of problems including: Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Depression, Confidence, Bereavement, Phobias, Insomnia, Trauma (PTSD), Weight-loss, Exam Stress, Addictions…

Eve Bednarska - Certified Depression Counsellor; EFT & PTT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique & Picture Tapping Therapist) (AAMET, MCMA)

A little more about me…

Much of my previous working career was spent as an administrator working in an office based environment, but I had always held an innate fascination with how the mind and body connection makes us the people we are and long dreamt of studying psychology at some stage in my life. Often, as with many people life’s priorities and circumstance takes us down different paths and my journey as with most others took many a twisting turn before our true calling is realised.

With a birth of my son in 2008 watching him slowly grow and develop - seeing his curiosity and how he formed important and valuable connections with others… my passion for psychology re ignited. After learning he was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum, developed ADHD and several comorbit conditions my journey to become one of the best specialist I could possibly be in the field for treating these conditions became my goal and purpose. I have since spent over 400 hrs training hours learning and increasing my knowledge about autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, adolescent, sleep disorder, sensory processing disorder and trauma (PTSD).

I chose to train and study Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) also known as Tapping, through EFT International™. Subsequently, I also trained using PTT (Picture Tapping Technique).

I was introduced to EFT after experiencing difficulties my own  difficulties with depression and trying to achieve a healthy work/life balance. Being a mum with the circumstances previously outlined, I always felt that I had a different purpose in life than simply being an administrator.  At the time I was quite self-conscious, inward looking & insecure, I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of being unkind to myself and had been for as long as I could remember, for me depression… was just the end result of years of undervaluing myself and what I could bring to others. Outwardly, for the most part, I always appeared happy & confident (sound familiar?), but inside things just didn’t feel right, I was miserable & never felt good enough, I felt exhausted from the daily self-abuse & felt that I was letting my family down.

I was in a job that I did not enjoy and days were passing me by. Through bitter experience, I learned that it is impossible to have healthy relationships if you do not like yourself.  I began to search for real answers and that’s when EFT came into my life. I was still anxious and had little self-confidence but something inside me told me it was a journey I wanted to follow and would lead to recovery, self discovery and in the long term make me a better mum to my son.

I have subsequently also trained and became certified as a Depression Counsellor via an accredited course which has further expanded my knowledge and ability to treat clients using different treatment modalities.

Today, I am very happily married and my boy is my life… I work from home doing what I love every day.  I am full of gratitude for so many things; none more than being introduced to this life changing therapy which have not only allowed me to heal myself but to help other people.

I believe that this positive change is possible for you too and will happen if you remain open to it & it will lead you to achievement and fulfilment.

Together we can transform your life, I cannot wait to get started!  

Eve x

A little more about my own personal journey

Disclaimer:  Eve Bednarska is a fully Accredited Practitioner with EFT International.  When following any guides on this website to use EFT (tapping) with your own issues, you must accept full responsibility for applying EFT (tapping), and accept full responsibility for your own physical and emotional wellbeing.